With manufacturing occurring on a global scale, extreme care is taken to make sure quality and consistency is maintained to their highest degree, from the procurement of the raw materials to the actual production of the garments themselves. Activity is centralised from Beirut Lebanon,. Uncompromising excellence and parallel coordination between premises have built not only a loyal and talented team of craftsmen but also unrivalled quality in clothing without losing the iconic signature aesthetics that define the brand.  The average employee has worked for around 10 years within the company. This longevity also ensures a speedier route to market of items and the process from drawing to finished good is typically four to six weeks.



Gattinolli now spans a network of 82 countries with retail spaces in more than 250 multi-brand outlets, across some of the world’s most stylish cities as well as participating in annual exhibitions and shows in global fashion capitals. Showcasing newly launched collections allows for direct feedback from consumers and thus forms an essential part of their communication strategy and understanding of end client. It also endorses their strategic distribution and careful selection of premises as a key part of their brand identity. Luxury innovation within stores and creative aspirations where their designs can be displayed in a consistent manner are some of the elements they look for when placing their designs.