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  1. A Wrap Shift Lilac Evening Dress with Draped Straight Across Neckline; A Tulle Cape embroidered floral Pattern
  2. Antique Grey Handmade Geometric Embroidery on a Tulle Evening Dress with Cape Bell Sleeves
  3. Asymmetric blush top with embroidered edges; Swarovski stones and pearls and midi skirt
  4. Asymmetrical Boat neck Triple Organza, Silenus Embroidery, Black Taffetas Skirt and a waist Slit with an Asymmetrical V-Shape Back
  5. Asymmetrical crepe evening dress, embroidered with crystal and floral motifs
  6. Asymmetrical Greige Crepe Bust with Embroidered Bold Silver Handmade Floral Pattern and A Laminated Silver Beige Pleated Skirt
  7. Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Black Crepe Dress, Polychromatic Sequined Sleeve and a Waist Slit
  8. Baby Blue Cheer Silk Organza Chemise Embroidered with Swarovski Stones and Crystals with Puffed Sleeves, Baby Blue Long Crepe Skirt Embroidered with Swarovski Tones
  9. Baby-blue corset with attached sheer tulle sleeves, embroidery of multicolored floral and foliage, and multilayered crossed pending necklaces
  10. Beige Floral Guipure Lace Shimmery Lurex Skirt
  11. Beige Floral Guipure Lace Top Crepe Midi Skirt
  12. Beige Guipure Jacket & Top Beige Lurex Skirt
  13. Black & Off-white Evening Dress, Swarovski Embroidery & White Cascading Over-skirt
  14. Black And Ivory Evening Dress, Flower Like Silver Motifs on the Side and an Ivory Taffetas Watteau Cape
  15. Black and Off-white Evening Dress & Floral Swarovski Embroidery & Black Cascading Over-skirt
  16. Black And White Asymmetric Crepe Midi Dress with Sheer Shoulder and Asymmetric Straps of Swarovski Stones
  17. Black Cady Evening Dress with Fluffy Copper Organza Lurex Train
  18. Black Crepe Evening Dress Handmade Flower Motifs on the Chest and Waist
  19. Black Embroidered Tulle Midi Dress Feathered Trim on the Wrist & Taffetas Bow Belt
  20. Black Shimmered Embroidered Net Fabric Corset Top & Crepe Midi Skirt
  21. Black Tulle Embroidered Evening Dress Seamless Floral Pattern on Sheer Sleeves With Tulle Train-Wings Like
  22. Black Velvet Sweetheart Neckline Top Velvet Corset and a Ruffled Black And Navy Ballerina Skirt
  23. Blue azure evening dress, embroidered with Swarovski Crystalss on the sheer waist
  24. Champagne Cady Net Fabric Evening Dress, Crystals & Sequins Embroidery & Over-skirt
  25. Chiffon Lurex Pinkish Gold Evening Dress
  26. Crepe Sweetheart Satiny Layered Neckline and Sequined Over-skirt
  27. Crimson Cady Evening Dress & Swarovski Embroidered Sheer Sleeve
  28. Crimson Cady Midi Dress & Swarovski Embroidered Sheer Sleeve
  29. Dentelle Dévore & Crepe Georgette Top, Double-faced Black & White Crepe Midi Skirt
  30. Draped Sequined Carnation Pink Tulle Top & shoulder Bow & Mikado Over Skirt
  31. Draped V- Plunging Navy Blue Cady Top Feathered & Embroidered Sleeves & Midi Skirt
  32. ED-2694