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Couture FW 22-23

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  1. Off-shoulder Sweetheart Lilac Sequined Evening Dress, Feathered & Over-skirt
  2. Off Shoulder Navy Blue Cady Evening Dress, Triple Off-white Organza Bow & Over-skirt
  3. Off-shoulder Aqua Teal Tulle & Embroidered Pastel Patchwork Fabric Print Evening Dress
  4. One-shoulder Crepe Black Evening Dress & Feathered Purple Organza Lurex Long Sleeve
  5. Sweetheart Pastel Patchwork Fabric Print Evening Dress & Back Bow Tie Aqua Teal Tulle
  6. Off-shoulder Bow Tie Peplum Cady Emeralds Top with Column Long Skirt
  7. White Crepe Half Embroidered in Black Ruffled Black Cady Half Midi Dress
  8. Crimson Cady Evening Dress & Swarovski Embroidered Sheer Sleeve
  9. Draped Sequined Carnation Pink Tulle Top & shoulder Bow & Mikado Over Skirt
  10. Ivory Taffetas Bodice, Swarovski Pin Gold & Cady Flared Skirt
  11. Off-shoulder Embroidered Floral Corset & Crimson Cady Draped Wing & Crêpe Column Midi Skirt
  12. Off-shoulder Black Cady Neckline Long Sleeves with Wrist Swarovski Motifs & Ruby Sequined Skirt
  13. Black Embroidered Tulle Midi Dress Feathered Trim on the Wrist & Taffetas Bow Belt
  14. Seashell Pink Color Evening Dress Swarovski Bejeweled Net Fabric & Sashed Taffetas Bow Tie
  15. Embroidered White Corset Top Sequined Motifs, Peplum White Crepe Column Midi Skirt
  16. Draped V- Plunging Navy Blue Cady Top Feathered & Embroidered Sleeves & Midi Skirt
  17. Embroidered Triple Off-white Organza Bow Tie of Navy Blue Cady Evening Dress
  18. Sequined Silver Dots, Plunging Powder Blue Tulle Evening Dress & Shoulder Veil Cape Tulle
  19. Black & Off-white Evening Dress, Swarovski Embroidery & White Cascading Over-skirt
  20. Strapless Black Net Evening Dress With Gold Dust embroidery, a Black Cady Bow & Over-skirt
  21. Beige Guipure Jacket & Top Beige Lurex Skirt
  22. Strapped Crimson Cady Evening Dress, Black Bow & Swarovski Motifs
  23. Beige Floral Guipure Lace Shimmery Lurex Skirt
  24. Gold Champagne Cady Evening Dress Draped Top Swarovski Crystal and Asymmetric Back Bow
  25. Off-shoulder Sweetheart Crepe Pink Ball Gown Tulle with Foliage Sequined Pattern
  26. Crepe Sweetheart Satiny Layered Neckline and Sequined Over-skirt
  27. Sequined Dusty Pink Embroidered Tulle Midi Dress & Puffed Sheer Sleeves
  28. Off-shoulder Draped Tea Rose Cady Evening Dress & Curvilinear Cut-off Sweep Side Cape
  29. Off-shoulder Silver Cady Evening Dress Feathered with Swarovski Crystals on the Waist
  30. GA-6289
  31. One Shoulder Cady Teal Green Column Dress Side-draped Handmade Stalk Gold Embroidery
  32. Off-shoulder Aqua Blue Evening Dress Sequined from Top to Tip-toe Sui Generis Design Neckline