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Halter Neckline Corset with Bold Velvet Boning Strips, Embroidered with Black, Orange and Fuchsia Flames, Black Taffetas Pencil Skirt with a Cross Draped Low Waist

GA-6653 & GA-6654
  • $2,400
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This outfit is formed by 2 pieces. A halter neckline corset with bold velvet boning strips giving the silhouette this amazing hourglass silhouette. The corset is embroidered in relief with black, orange and fuchsia flames to slightly hide the details of the breast underneath. The sheer tulle sleeves are denoted with a thin row of buttons that goes from shoulder to wrist. This unique piece design is more detailed on its back with a black Cady bow on the back on the neck. The backline is emptied under the bow till the waist where the boning strips on sheer black tulle reveal a sensuous back waist. The skirt is a black taffetas pencil skirt with a cross draped low waist. On its back, it is draped till the hip in inverted V-shape in line with a black middle sit. Wearing this remarkable outfit will make of you the most beautiful women in the event.