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Off-Shoulder Black Evening Dress Embroidered High Neck, Plunging Sheer Bust with Floral Motifs on a Stripped Corset, Chapel Taffetas Train

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Classy taffetas and embroidery off-shoulder black evening dress with a bold embroidered high neck over a plunging sheer bust made of delicately weaved floral motifs on a stripped corset. A draped taffetas ribbon crossed on the waist is extended to the back flowing into a majestic chapel taffetas train, and the front shows a sensuous asymmetrical thigh-high slit.

Puffy Taffetas sleeves on the shoulders that elongates till the wrist with bold embroidered sheer black tulle and ends up with a glove on the thumb and finely buttoned. A dramatic sheer plunging V-shape backline embroidered on the edge of the V and crossed with a row of satiny buttons.

Wearing this outstanding outfit will make of you the most beautiful goddess that eyes can be laid on.