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Off-shoulder emerald green; with a design on the bust; the waist is covered with floral red motif and a voluminous over-skirt

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Off-shoulder emerald green teal taffetas evening dress draped on the waist with a double node design on the bust. With a handmade floral red motif on the waist that opens up with a thigh high side slit, this dress flows in a floor length. Red color motif is one of the most alive that represents passion, courage and energy. The dress has amazing voluminous over-skirt that reflects the feminine.

This amazing color of dress reflects happiness and peace. In the 15th century, green was used for wedding dresses because it was considered a symbol of fertility. The combination of theses 2 colors together represent the calm and the energy at the same time. This feminine dress is perfect for a wedding night or any formal occasion.