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Pink Square Neckline Corset Dress Embroidered with Swarovski Stones Crystal Motifs and Gold Chiffon Lurex Pleated Long Skirt Draping Loosely

  • $2,400
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Pink square neckline corset decorated and reunited with Swarovski stones crystal motifs. Pink symbolizes kindness, love, romance, understanding and goodness.  What a lovely color.

Gold chiffon lurex pleated long skirt draping loosely and gracefully to the floor. You will deeply enjoy your look with your walk.

The back is simple with a zipper. What an amazing dress while we have a combination of Swarovski stones and crystal motifs. While wearing this luxury dress you will have a positive energy, hope and joy.

Enjoy your night with this awesome dress. This original dress is perfect for holiday party and festive attire